The Best Email Apps – Outlook Vs. Gmail

The default mode of communication is email. It helps you carry out everyday tasks in almost all businesses. A free email is fine for personal email use. However for managing a business managing sensitive emails that are time-critical needs a high level of security and organization, unlike a basic email app.

Email apps today such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook have a host of tools that enhance productivity. These apps function by coordinating with other office tools such as Dropbox and Slack. They have started using machine learning to get a more streamlined and focused email experience. It must prioritize critical messages.

It can get easily complicated by the multitude of emails you receive every day in the inbox. How to ensure that you do not overlook important messages, organize the less important ones to reply to later, and delete the unimportant ones. At the same time keep your account secure. These apps help you keep up with your inbox and seldom miss a crucial message. You can easily manage emails you no longer want to receive, like that cancelled dating app or free local fuck site, if you no longer wish to receive them. If you are watching out for moving your email, the list below will help you.

Microsoft Outlook

Everyone who has worked in an office knows what Microsoft Outlook is. However, if you are someone who has never tried it, it is worth taking a look. After developing the app for mobile Acompli, Microsoft reworked the mobile edition of Outlook and it is the best app for email now. It is synonymous with both android and iOS devices. Outlook can help you confirm not just emails but attachments, calendars, and contacts also. If you think you are being buried in a heap of emails and find no way to get out, you will love the quick controls of Outlook that enable you in getting restraint on the inbox. The seamless swiping makes it super easy and manageable. Outlook is consistent with almost all email programs. This includes Office 365, Exchange, Gmail,, Cloud accounts, and Yahoo mail which make it fit for multitasking. Microsoft constantly keeps up with new features and provides good security.


It is nearly impossible to build a catalog of the most promising email apps without mentioning the omnipresent Gmail. If you are someone who uses an Android this app comes preloaded. A lot of people who require a free app for email will opt for Gmail. It is especially contemplated if you depend on other google products. Partnering it with Google Sheets, Google Hangout and Google Docs provide you an unrestricted cloud-based ecosystem for your business that enables you to put up with your work everywhere. It supports almost all accounts which makes it easy to keep a track of everything from your accounts to your business. You can stay regulated by tagging emails, creating folders, starring emails, etc to follow up without forgetting to do it. If you are someone who does not use Gmail regularly, the app can still support Exchange and various POP and IMAP email accounts. If you want to reinstate the domain name for Gmail with something more custom, you are able to do it and augment co-workers.

There are numerous apps for an email to select from. Choosing an email app should be based on the features, compatibility, organization tools, and security. An email app should enable you to get the most from your inbox.

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Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses

The success of any business can be assessed only with the number of customers generated. For any business to make this happen you need effective marketing. In this digital era, marketing through emails is one of the most sought-after. Being in touch and making the customers aware of your services has to be a constant job.

The below write-up thus helps in assisting in the same. Here you go with the list of email marketing services for a small business to grow.

SendinBlue: It is considered an outstanding solution for email marketing services. This is fully automated and is best suited for small businesses.

The most important reasons for this:

  • Automation
  • Ease of use
  • Excellent support team
  • The email editor is intuitive
  • Value for money

It is pretty simple to use and is also powerful. When used for a small business, the tool must help achieve more clients. This end is satisfied by Sendinblue. Everything has been arranged logically in a step-by-step pattern and is thus helpful in easy access to images and buttons. In terms of managing contacts, this service does an excellent job. Contacts and their email addresses can be easily imported without any need for manual intervention.

Talking about the design now, it scores well here too. You have a list of email templates, very professional and simple to use at the same time. It is also time-saving and helps small businesses in a great way.

It also boasts of a great support team where you can expect a response within half an hour of submitting queries. It also has great pricing options to look for. Sendinblue is trusted by a lot of large and small companies including: skip the game escort finder,, and a host of other technology based companies.

Mailchimp: This email marketing service is considered next to Sendinblue with its excellent features. This is suited for those with a large mailing list. Mailchimp has various organizational tools. They have advanced options for organizing contact information.

Main features:

  • Very professional templates
  • Lifelong free email marketing service plan
  • Segmenting contacts

As we have seen above, one of the most important features is segmenting contacts. They are categorized based on location and activity. It is considered user-friendly as notes pop up to keep you informed about the functions as you use it.

The design has also been taken care of very well. It has over 100 email templates to use. The drag and drop feature has found great acceptance. It is an excellent value for money with professional designs for a small business.

Mailchimp has an Essentials plan with very good automation tools which also helps in organizing the email campaigns.

Aweber: With a simple pricing structure this traditional email marketing service is considered trustworthy. Small businesses can benefit from the best pricing structures at Aweber.

When most services offer different services for different plans, Aweber offers all the features in all its plans. The pricing structure of this service is based on the number of subscribers in your contact list.

There are more than 700 templates here with drag and drop options. The subscribers are segmented for easy identification and third-party integrations are also done effectively.

It is leading the others in terms of the rate of delivery of emails.

Getresponse: This service tool specializes in automation and is best suited for small businesses. It has an exclusive feature called Autofunnel which helps segregate sales, webinars, etc.

The main features that one can find here are:

  • Autoresponders
  • Segmentation
  • Advanced analytics
  • Page builders

The pricing is competitive. It solely depends on the number of subscribers. All the plans come with advanced features with GetResponse. A support team is available 24/7. Each plan has 220 email templates, 40 auto funnel templates, and 150 integrations.

A special benefit you have here is the discounts offered on advance payments.

Constantcontact: If you are new to email marketing this could be a good choice. With the least coding knowledge you can use the platform efficiently. It has an easy-to-use drag and drop function and also adding texts and images is very easy here.

It enables real-time tracking of the efficiency of an email campaign. The most important benefit of this service is automation. There are many options for uploading your contact list and in every step, you are provided with tips for effective use of the platform.

The designs offered here are basic with more than 100 templates. On the downside it does not have a variety of pricing plans and the options are limited to two basic plans. It also includes a 60-day free trial. For any support, you have the phone, live chat, or the community forum.

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Our Favorite Free Email Marketing Tools

Marketing channels and trends develop with time. Some trends may come and vanish in thin air in no time. Others remain forever like email. It goes on to be an indispensable channel for marketing with B2B and B2C marketers.

It can assist you in amplifying the other marketing media. Having said that, marketers feel a lot of challenges in marketing. Without the right tools, they have to spend more time creating emails that may not be much appealing. This is a huge obstacle and results in loss of productivity and brings down your ROI.

Many companies are ok with this as they don’t want to subsidize a tool to simplify this. However, these tools are not expensive. You can also find free tools online that can save you time and energy and also a lot of money.

Here is a list of a few such free marketing tools for email.

Hubspot Email Marketing

Hubspot spot is known for its exceptional marketing platform. It has recently launched a tool for free marketing via email. It can help small enterprises in their transactions.

From sending kickback emails to thanking emails and promotional campaigns. Hubspot can do this all and much more. The best part is the comfort they offer and how easy using it can be. It features a visual editor that can be dragged and dropped. It is also capable of providing ready-made templates that can make your job easier.

What makes this unique is the native integration like its CRM. Registering an account with them will give you access to these tools.


This tool is one of the most efficient marketing tools for an email with features that ensure deliverability. You can create extraordinarily stunning newsletters even without HTML knowledge. You just have to choose a template and do some customization with elements such as videos, images, and text. Personalization of newsletters helps you create a positive impact.

It is robust analytics. This feature is the reason why it makes it to the list here. It can help you in tracking who opens the emails and who clicked on them. When these emails were opened and so much more. It can assist you in building valid buyer profiles established on the subscriber’s actions. This helps you optimize the email strategy and master compelling offers.


This is a communication platform. It features such as CRM, page creation, and other marketing tools for email. There are more than 70 template designs. Its design function makes your job easier. You can create great emails. All these are responsive templates. You can also preview the results which ensure the design looks how you want.

After designing the email, features such as segmented recipient and A/B testing can be utilized to take any guesswork and manual efforts out in the process of optimizing the campaigns and in targeting the ideal audience.


This is an intricate e-commerce platform. It integrates all the communication platforms in a single place. The free plan has only email however it is enough to help the email efforts of both small and medium enterprises. It enables you in automating email delivery by utilizing behavioral triggers. You can time your communication depending on the customer’s convenience.

You can use its intelligible audience insights on sending relevant messages in marketing. You can design newsletters by using features such as the product picker that saves you time. It also allows you to include the products you want in the email. Scratch cards, gift boxes, and discount codes can also be included to optimize email performance.

Almost all these free marketing tools for email have robust features. There is no need to raise a plan for which you have to pay. Small enterprises can make the most of these tools. They save a lot of time and much money. When there arises a demand to upgrade to a paid plan, you will realize these plans are flexible and super affordable to fit the budget.… Read the rest