Our Favorite Free Email Marketing Tools

Marketing channels and trends develop with time. Some trends may come and vanish in thin air in no time. Others remain forever like email. It goes on to be an indispensable channel for marketing with B2B and B2C marketers.

It can assist you in amplifying the other marketing media. Having said that, marketers feel a lot of challenges in marketing. Without the right tools, they have to spend more time creating emails that may not be much appealing. This is a huge obstacle and results in loss of productivity and brings down your ROI.

Many companies are ok with this as they don’t want to subsidize a tool to simplify this. However, these tools are not expensive. You can also find free tools online that can save you time and energy and also a lot of money.

Here is a list of a few such free marketing tools for email.

Hubspot Email Marketing

Hubspot spot is known for its exceptional marketing platform. It has recently launched a tool for free marketing via email. It can help small enterprises in their transactions.

From sending kickback emails to thanking emails and promotional campaigns. Hubspot can do this all and much more. The best part is the comfort they offer and how easy using it can be. It features a visual editor that can be dragged and dropped. It is also capable of providing ready-made templates that can make your job easier.

What makes this unique is the native integration like its CRM. Registering an account with them will give you access to these tools.


This tool is one of the most efficient marketing tools for an email with features that ensure deliverability. You can create extraordinarily stunning newsletters even without HTML knowledge. You just have to choose a template and do some customization with elements such as videos, images, and text. Personalization of newsletters helps you create a positive impact.

It is robust analytics. This feature is the reason why it makes it to the list here. It can help you in tracking who opens the emails and who clicked on them. When these emails were opened and so much more. It can assist you in building valid buyer profiles established on the subscriber’s actions. This helps you optimize the email strategy and master compelling offers.


This is a communication platform. It features such as CRM, page creation, and other marketing tools for email. There are more than 70 template designs. Its design function makes your job easier. You can create great emails. All these are responsive templates. You can also preview the results which ensure the design looks how you want.

After designing the email, features such as segmented recipient and A/B testing can be utilized to take any guesswork and manual efforts out in the process of optimizing the campaigns and in targeting the ideal audience.


This is an intricate e-commerce platform. It integrates all the communication platforms in a single place. The free plan has only email however it is enough to help the email efforts of both small and medium enterprises. It enables you in automating email delivery by utilizing behavioral triggers. You can time your communication depending on the customer’s convenience.

You can use its intelligible audience insights on sending relevant messages in marketing. You can design newsletters by using features such as the product picker that saves you time. It also allows you to include the products you want in the email. Scratch cards, gift boxes, and discount codes can also be included to optimize email performance.

Almost all these free marketing tools for email have robust features. There is no need to raise a plan for which you have to pay. Small enterprises can make the most of these tools. They save a lot of time and much money. When there arises a demand to upgrade to a paid plan, you will realize these plans are flexible and super affordable to fit the budget.… Read the rest